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Dominican who almost died in immigration jail sues ICE for denying him medical attention

The Dominican Geuris Sosa, who almost died in the ICE jail in New Jersey, is suing the immigration police for denying them attention and violating their civil rights.

NEW YORK. The Dominican Geuris Sosa, who was imprisoned at the Hudson County Correctional Center in New Jersey, which is used to imprison hundreds of immigrants, is suing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Police (ICE) for denying him medical attention and assured that for this reason, he almost died in his cell where he was for 17 months.

Geuris Sosa, who has been living as a legal resident in the United States for decades, was arrested by ICE agents in one of the raids in New York, and according to the feds he has a long judicial record, which makes him deportable.

He did not want to face the media and only showed his arms and hands to be photographed.

The plaintiff, who is supported by the legal defense entities “New York Public Interest Attorneys” (NYLPI), the Neighborhood Defense Service (NDS) and the Quinn Emmanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP law firm, includes in the claim a Hudson County authorities, for allowing immigrants in custody there to be treated as animals in a jail rented to ICE.

The NYPL spread chilling photos of the hands of Sosa, who suffers from chronic arthritis, and who almost lost both members due to the progressive deterioration of his health in immigration jail.

As a result of the delays and denials of medical care at the center, Sosa suffered unnecessary pain and suffering during the seventeen months he was in ICE custody), which released him with sores and injuries on most of his body and severe damage in your hands.

The organizations and the firm will represent Sosa in the federal court of the Newark district in New Jersey, alleging failures in the provision of adequate medical care.

“While I was at the Hudson County Correctional Center, I suffered a lot. Every day my pain was intense. Every day I woke up getting worse. I asked them to see the doctor all the time, but rarely could I see him, ”said Sosa.

He said he was assigned nurses who did nothing to help him. “I hope this lawsuit helps others who are detained by ICE. There are many people suffering there. ”

NYLPI attorney Marinda Van Dalen said there is a human rights crisis in the United States detention centers.

“The officials and the Hudson County Correctional Center and the contracted medical provider that is the company CFG Health Systems have a history of not providing adequate medical care to the people detained there and must be held accountable,” added the lawyer who directs the team legal entity. “We bring this case on behalf of Mr. Sosa to correct these very serious errors that resulted in unnecessary pain, suffering and lasting damage to your health,” added the lawyer.

Before the arrest, Sosa was receiving treatment for two serious diseases of his autoimmune system, which are severe psoriatic arthritis and severe psoriasis.

He followed a strict but manageable medical regimen, which included specific medications and access to specialists to help him keep his ailments under control.

When he entered the ICE jail, the prison medical staff knew his medication requirements, but did not fulfill his responsibility to provide adequate care.

Sosa’s many requests for better care were left unanswered, the lawyer said.

As a result of the poor medical care that the defendants gave him, Sosa’s health deteriorated rapidly. He developed sores and injuries in most of his body and suffered painful and harmful inflammation in his hands, back and neck.

Seventeen months later, he was released for severe health problems.

“I am suing Hudson County for those who were arrested with me and for those who remain in prison today. I fight for what I went through in custody and because there are many people who continue to suffer, ”said Sosa.

The case details how the county, the aforementioned jail and CFG Health Systems, the people in charge of those entities and the individual medical providers responsible for Sosa’s treatment could not assess or treat their diagnosis properly.

There have been more than 17 deaths since 2013 at the ICE jail in Hudson County, and several reports have detailed a long history of serious problems with medical care in the center.

“We have represented Mr. Sosa since 2016 and we have drawn attention to the unfair conditions he suffered for years,” said Anne Mathews, an NDS lawyer.

“Negligence is a violation of Mr. Sosa’s rights and an example of the mistreatment of those detained by ICE regularly. NDS files this lawsuit on behalf of Sosa to ensure a measure of justice for him, his family and his community, “Mathews added.

“The law firm Quinn Emanuel is committed to achieving justice for Mr. Sosa and seeks to ensure that what happened to him is not repeated once again,” said Molly Webster, associate lawyer at Quinn Emanuel.

“The ICE jail in Hudson County has a long history of mistreatment of those in its custody. They must be held responsible. Their inhuman practices must end, “said the legal defender.

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