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Dominican who murdered wife and children and hanged himself in New Jersey violated protection order while threatening her

New Jersey – The Dominican Eugenio Severino, 54, who murdered his wife Ruth Reyes de Severino and the couple’s children, Eurianny and Eury Severino, 5 and 6, and hanged himself in a forest near the house, had raped an order of protection (removal) while threatening to kill the woman, who had taken him out of the apartment.

The suicidal feminicide was a car washer and his wife, a waitress in the Dominican restaurant “La Cuchara” in the town of Corney Points, revealed relatives and relatives of the victim.

Keyla Padilla, close to the family, told local media last night that the couple got married in the Dominican Republic and that the work that the killer had was sought by the wife so that both could progress together economically and distribute the payment of the bills of housing.

Padilla, told Channel 6 of the NBC network in Pennsylvania, that the murders of Ruth and her children and the hanging of man, is the worst tragedy she has lived in what she has been living.

He said Ruth was his best friend and told him about the couple’s problems and separation, but that when the wife placed the restraining order, family and friends, they didn’t take it very seriously.

The case occurred early Wednesday in the Carneys Point suburb of Salem County in New Jersey, where police officers found the bodies of the mother and children in the apartment’s bathtub, while the father was hanging in a wooded area On the coast of a road.

The restaurant owner, Johnny Solano closed the business to mourn the dead, saying he was a third cousin of his waitress’s husband.

“She was kind to everyone, she smiled at everyone. It was like my little sister, ”Solano said through tears on Wednesday night.

The restaurant operates at a truck stop and a Carneys Point Township town travel center near Interstate 295 and the New Jersey toll highway.

Solano said Reyes was a servant in his restaurant and had helped Severino find a job washing vehicles at the truck stop when the couple moved to the area looking for jobs.

He said the couple got married in the Dominican Republic and that they knew they had recent marital problems, which got worse about two weeks ago.

Severino threatened to kill Reyes and she took him out of the apartment, Solano said. He went to court and placed a restraining order, which was confirmed by the police.

“I told him to take a couple of days off and think about it,” Solano said, adding that he believed Severino was in northern Jersey on Tuesday and returned to the apartment late at night.

Solano closed “La Cuchara” on Wednesday after hearing about the deaths to help the grieving family. He was the godfather of the two children.

“This will never be the same, she was the life of this place,” said Solano about Ruth.

Carneys Point police said Severino stabbed his wife and two young children at home before hanging himself in a nearby forest, according to a preliminary report by the coroner.

A Carneys Point passerby passing through the area called 911 on Wednesday morning after finding Severino’s body hanged in the woods near Sportsman Road, police said.

The authorities responded to the scene and identified the husband as Eugenio Severino.

“The man was pronounced dead when he hung up at Carneys Point, which led officers to the 47th building of Madole Place,” said Penns Grove police chief Patrick Riley.

Police verified Severino’s address in the city register and sent patrolmen for a welfare check at the Penns Grove Gardens apartment complex, where the family lived.

When the police arrived at the house, they found the mother and the two dead children.

Family members identified the victims.

One of Reyes’s cousins, who only traveled from Massachusetts to New Jersey, collected the woman’s personal belongings in the apartment.

“The news struck me. It’s horrible, two children of that age, their children, his wife,” said the cousin.

Padilla said he came to the scene fearing the worst.

“I am in shock. I am afraid. I am very worried,” Padilla said.

He described Ruth Reyes Severino as a good mother and a kind person.

“She is a great person, she was always there for her children, always working. If she didn’t work, she was at home. She was very humble and kept herself alone. Very kind,” Padilla said.

The mourners gathered outside the complex yesterday Thursday with balloons and flowers.

“I’m still in shock, I’m still in shock. I can’t believe it. It’s sad,” said neighbor Elibeth Ortiz.

“We take it very seriously, unfortunately we had no warning sign,” said Officer Riley.

The deaths are currently being investigated by the Carneys Point Police Department, the Penns Grove Police Department, the Salem County Prosecutor’s Office and the New Jersey State Police.

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