Dominicans in New York sought a place to lodge the Procurator to picket him

NEW YORK.- Dominicans belonging to various civil society organizations in this city searched, throughout the weekend, the place where the Attorney General of the Dominican Republic, Jean Alain Rodríguez, stayed to picket them.

Members of “Acción Rápida”, “Marcha Verde” y “Moralidad Quisqueyana”, were looking everywhere where Alain Rodriguez was staying, to address the disregard and abuse of power he exercised against Judge Miriam Germán.

But the place was kept as “a secret of war”, even tracking it with the lamp of Diogenes Sínope. Dozens of phone calls, e-mails and WhatsApp were made daily to the Dominican Republic to see who knew where he was, and at the last moment he stayed at the Lotte Hotel, at 455 Madison Avenue and 50th Street, in Manhattan, but He had already left for the country. He did it this Sunday.

The Attorney General was for several days in the Big Apple and met with his counterpart in the metropolis, Geoffrey Berman, with the head of the State Department of National Security with headquarters in NY, Angel Menéndez, and with the Commissioner of the New York Police, James P. O’Neill, among other officials.

One source confided to this reporter that the Creole government official also met with immigration authorities to deal with the case of Argenis Contreras, an extradition request by the authorities of the province of Cuzco for his participation in the crime of lawyer Yuniol Ramírez. What has been discussed has not come to light.

The Attorney General’s Office guaranteed last week that Contreras will be returned to the country to answer for the murder. He is currently imprisoned in Hudson County Jail, located in New Jersey.

He made his final appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), and if he were denied again he would go to the Supreme Court of Justice, which will issue a final judgment. This could last some years.

The source specified that extradition is imposed on immigration laws, since it is an “international treaty” and in the US it has

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