Donald Trump blames New York City for 92-year-old Dominican assassination

The woman lost her life at the hands of an illegal immigrant

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, blamed the City of New York (sanctuary city) for the murder of the elderly Dominican Maria Fuertes whose crime is accused of illegal Guyanese immigrant Reeaz Khan.

Khan intercepted the old woman on a street in Queens on January 6 at dawn.

“Tragically there are many cities in the United States where radical politicians have chosen to provide shelter for these illegal foreign criminals,” Donald Trump said in dedicating a portion of his speech on the State of the Union to the case of Mrs. Fuertes.

“In the sanctuary cities, local officials order the police to release dangerous criminal aliens to take advantage of the public, instead of handing them over to ICE to be deported safely,” the president said.

“The murderer had previously been arrested for assault, but under the policies of New York’s sanctuary city he was released. If the city had complied with the ICE detention request, its victim would be alive today, ”he added.

Fuertes was lying on the street after being raped and strangled by the Guyanese, under temperatures of 32 degrees Celsius for approximately two hours, police said.

She was taken to the Jamaica Medical Center in Queens where she died from fractures of the spine and ribs, the medical report says.

Khan was arrested and charged after authorities confirmed that it was he who appeared in the security video assaulting the victim.

The president corroborated the recent criticism of Thomas Decker, field officer of the execution and removal operations (ERO) of ICE in New York, who lashed out at local authorities for the release of the Guyanese in November when he was accused of attacking his father .

“It was a deadly decision to release a man with an active ICE arrest request to be back in the streets after his first arrest included assault and weapons charges, and now he faces new charges, including murder,” Decker said. .

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