Environment, Defense and Public Works launches plan against forest fires

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, in coordination with the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Defense, activated an Emergency Preventive Plan (PPE) to prevent forest fires in this period of drought.

During a meeting, the minister Ángel Estévez, instructed the vice-ministries of Forest Resources, directed by Manuel Serrano and Ángel Daneris Santana of Protected Areas, as well as the general director of the provincial and municipal, Carlos Mínguez, so that they have the necessary logistics a total of 300 brigades and their technical teams at the national level, to intensify the work of surveillance and monitoring, to prevent farmers and some unscrupulous from cutting and catching fire in forests, hills or mountains.

Likewise, the provision instructs the National Service of Environmental Protection (SENPA), so that the routine tasks of supervision and control, as well as the Specialized Attorney for the environment, to apply the corresponding sanctions to those who violate the rules.

Due to the drought that affects a large part of the national territory, due to the lack of rain, Estévez warned those who intend to inhabit farms for agricultural purposes, burn pruning or weeds on roads, throw cigarette butts in vulnerable areas or other actions, refrain from the same, to avoid making contact and to cause fires, because if provoked, there will be a consequence regime and those responsible will have to face justice.

He also warned that it will be implacable against those engaged in the illegal extraction of materials from the rivers, which are used at night.

Similarly, he called on citizens to join the prevention and mitigation work carried out by the institution, in order to remain vigilant to prevent people without conscience from committing these environmental crimes, as well as the indiscriminate logging that damages our resources so much Forests and watersheds.

The incumbent of the environmental institution, also guaranteed that measures have been implemented to fly over helicopters and monitor with the use of drones vulnerable areas where fire concussion occurs, in order to detect damage to forests, catch the culprits and act accordingly against those responsible, according to Law 64-00, transferring it to justice.

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