For the first time in history 3 women compete for the vice presidential candidacy

SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. – For the first time in Dominican history, three women are nominated to the vice presidency of the Republic by the three main coalitions of political parties in the system.

The electoral battle at the vice-presidential level is debated and decided between women, one of them educator and businesswoman and two experienced politicians.

Margarita Cedeño de Fernández is the ballot companion of Gonzalo Castillo and the coalition of organizations headed by Partido de la Liberación Dominicana; Sergia Elena Mejía de Séliman, completes the binomial with Leonel Fernández and the block of the People’s Force and the businesswoman and educator Raquel Peña joins the ballot of Luis Abinader and the Modern Revolutionary Party and Allied forces.

Abinader and Fernández were surprised to announce their formula partners at the last minute, just hours after the election deadline.

Raquel Peña will accompany Abinader and it is the biggest surprise of the electoral contest, since she is the least experienced in political matters.

His life has revolved in the educational activity and the business world. She is vice-rector of Administration and Finance of the Pontifical Catholic University Mother and Teacher.

While Sergia Elena de Séliman is an experienced policy that has passed through all the ranks of the Christian Social Reform Party, Leonel Fernàndez’s main ally.

She is currently vice president of the PRSC and deputy to the Central American Parliament. It has passed through the secretariats of youth and reformist organization.

While Cedeño de Fernández has exhausted two consecutive terms as vice president and is running for a third term, being the most presented to this position in Dominican democratic history, matching Pedro Julio Goico Morales.

It was the first to be nominated for the position, announced well in advance by Gonzalo Castillo. His departure the political arena countered the protest movements in the Plaza de la Bandera and other demonstrations that multiplied throughout the country, after the annulment of the municipal elections on February 16.

Why were the main presidential candidates of the Republic inclined towards women?

The answer may be found in the fact that the electoral roll for the next elections is dominated by the female segment.

The Central Electoral Board reported that the voter list was composed of 3,805,614 women, which gives a percentage of 51.13% and the remaining 48.87%, about 3,638,022, men.

TO THE COUNTRY. While the presidential candidate for the Country Alliance Party, Guillermo Moreno, opted for Agustín Morel, as his vice-presidential candidate.

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