From today employees will have salary increase

Employees who earn a minimum salary in public administration, including salary ranges of RD $ 10,000 RD $ 20,000 and RD $ 30,000 and pensioners and retirees are preparing to receive the increase promised by President Danilo Medina in his speech at the end of this month. of Accountability, before the National Assembly on February 27.

The president promised to increase almost 100% to public servants who earn RD $ 5,117 monthly, by taking them to RD $ 10,000. He also announced that workers who earn RD $ 10,000 to RD $ 20,000 a month will receive an increase of 10%, those who earn RD $ 20,000 to RD $ 30,000 a month will get a 5% increase and pensioners and retirees with a minimum pension of RD $ 5,117 or less will be increased to RD $ 8,000. Retirees and pensioners who earn RD $ 8,000 to RD $ 20,000 will receive an increase of 10% and those who receive pensions of more than RD $ 20,000 up to RD $ 30,000 will receive an increase of 5%, the president said in his speech.

Amount: RD $ 4,600 million
The Minister of Economy, Isidoro Santana, informed that for the salary increase of 2019, the Government will disburse RD $ 4, 600 million.

In a MepyD publication, Santana says that the salary increase is fair and necessary because the country has grown and, on the contrary, the purchasing power is very low.


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