Future chancellor criticizes handling of relations with the US made by Danilo government

Santo Domingo, DR

Roberto Álvarez, who will be Minister of Foreign Relations as of August 16, when Luis Abinader assumes the Presidency of the Dominican Republic, criticized this Wednesday the handling in foreign policy that the government of President Danilo Medina made with the United States.

“The current authorities did not know how to cultivate relations with the United States. In 8 years, President Medina never went to Washington even once, we have a different vision on that, “said the designated foreign minister of the Republic.

Álvarez assured that the foreign policy promoted by President Abinader will focus on attracting foreign investment from companies that will move from China to America, after the announcement made by the United States to generate a fund for those companies to return to the continent.

“The main objectives of the foreign policy of the government of the Change are three: first, to protect the Dominican community abroad; second, to promote jobs by promoting our exports and attracting investment; and third, to promote the values ​​of democracy and human rights, “said Álvarez during an interview on the program El Día by journalist Huchi Lora.

Regarding the Dominican Consulate in New York and other dependencies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Álvarez assured that work will be done to clean up and reduce the number of diplomatic officials that the country has.

“We are the fourth country with the most diplomatic official in the United Nations Organization, that situation has to change in the government of change.”

About the Sao Paulo letter

The appointed chancellor also referred to a letter sent by the president of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) to the secretary for International Affairs, Jesús Feris Iglesias, in which the latter was reproached for having sent a letter to the São Paulo Forum.

Álvarez justified the publication of the letter in the need for it to be known that its content did not represent the party’s official position.

“Even if it were, it must be recognized that parties are institutions that have a public character. In this sense, it has a duty towards the people and towards society ”.


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