Genao says Danilo Medina would not violate the Constitution if he decided to modify it

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. – The General Secretary of the Partido Reformista Social Cristiano (PRSC), Ramón Rogelio Genao, affirmed that if President Danilo Medina decides to modify the Constitution to repostulate himself, he would not violate the Magna Carta, since it establishes its own mechanism for such purposes.

The reformist leader said that although he does not have a crystal ball to predict what could happen in Congress, his experience as a former deputy for 20 years tells him that although for now there is nothing in particular regarding a possible modification, the piece could happen when submitted.

“In 175 years of independence the Constitution has been modified 38 times, that is equivalent to every 4.6 years, here there have been so many reforms, as constitutional periods practically in our history, that is our reality, here the Constitution is frequently approached, in the most of the time in the same subject, but to modify the Constitution is not to violate it “assured Genao.

When interviewed by Elvis Lima in the program Fuera de Record, which produces for En Televisión, channels 31 of Claro, 33 of Aster, 33 of Altice and 10 of Wind, the also former deputy considered that the meeting if it violates all the legal precepts by allowing the drag vote, when the Law says otherwise.

“The Board is sending very negative signals and it has to return to its lane, and to be adjusted to what established the new Electoral Regime that is unused, here you have billboards, radio, television and open-air activities, but the court it does not do anything “Genao assured.

He indicated that the Law establishes that the electoral campaign opens on the first Sunday of July, but now we are seeing the opposite, “the meeting was a nice calendar, a book but it was done to violate it themselves. He said that of the majority parties only the reformer is complying with the calendar and the deadlines established by the Law.

On the other hand, he described as interference the statements of US Senator Bob Menéndez that he will make the necessary efforts for the United States to prevent the re-election of President Danilo Medina.

He considered that because of the information feature everything seems to indicate that these statements come from a Dominican lobbyist, but that in any case it is a reprehensible fact.

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