Hipolito Mejia and Luis Abinader in strong duel for candidacy of the PRM

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – With the inscription today of Hipólito Mejía and Luis Abinader the dispute for the presidential candidacy in the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) officially begins.

Hipolito Mejía, who already served as President of the Republic during the period 2000-2004; and Luis Abinader, who will make his second attempt to reach the presidency, are the only two leaders of that body that can compete against the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD).

However, several polls have placed Abinader as the favorite to take the torch and measure forces with the government party ahead of the May 2020 elections.

According to a survey by the John Zogby Strategies firm dated June of this year, Abinader accumulates a 79.5% preference in the intention of the vote in the PRM primaries, with a great advantage over former president Mejía, who would get 10%.

Another survey conducted in August of 2017 by the Economic Center of the Cibao, granted Abinader 75.9% against former President Hipólito Mejía, who would obtain 21.4 percent.

However, Mejía has said that to beat him in the elections they will have to hit him hard in the head.

“I’m on the street twelve and thirteen hours a day and I’m going to continue, and to win the elections they’re going to have to hit me hard on the head.”

While Abinader said he will win the elections with more than 12%, regardless of who holds the presidential nomination of the PLD.


Former Vice-President Milagros Ortiz Bosch proposed in May of this year that Mejía withdraw his candidacy to open the political court to Abinader with a view to 2020.

Ortiz Bosch said that this decision by Hipólito Mejía would be “an act of greatness” that would allow Luis Abinader, who in his opinion dominates the bases of the party, to work towards the presidential campaign of 2020.

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