Hipolito Mejia promises 50% of the public positions to women

Former President Hipólito Mejía promised today that in his next term, women will occupy 50 percent of public administration positions.

He affirmed that women will be in charge of social programs of the government, because they suffer and know more deeply, the problems that affect Dominican families.

In leading an event with the women of the H20 project, which promotes their aspirations, celebrated on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Mejía urged the leaders of Partido Revolucionario Moderno (PRM), and their H20, to aspire to congressional positions and municipal in each of their demarcations, in the next elections of 2020, taking advantage of the quota of the minimum 40 percent granted by the Law.

He indicated that the conditions in the country are given to achieve a change in the philosophy of government, leading to transparency, respecting the capacities of citizens, prioritizing investment in micro and medium enterprises and the promotion of entrepreneurship.

He pointed out that the conditions of the country require a lot of experience to prioritize transparency and investment in search of the solutions of the main problems of Dominican families, for which he works without reversal in the search for the presidential candidacy for the PRM

He reiterated his commitment to promote the empowerment of women, strengthen their talents and capacities and reiterated the determination to accompany them in the task of promoting public policies that promote the necessary equality of opportunities.

She stressed that women have known how to fight with perseverance and courage in order to achieve the fair recognition of their equal rights and opportunities and have demonstrated, in all the scenarios of public and private life, their capacity, hard work and firmness in the tasks for the advance in their inalienable claims.

“That example of determination and firmness displayed in the struggle for their rights obliges me to reiterate the sincere determination to accompany them, shoulder to shoulder, in the task of promoting public policies that favor that equality of opportunities between genders, which they still need.

He stressed that the problems that affect the country, such as insecurity, lack of jobs, corruption and lack of support for domestic producers affect women more than all, so women need recognition and great opportunities to help solve them.

He stressed the growth of the PRM throughout the country, but urged all women to register their children, friends, boyfriends, relatives and neighbors to win the internal convention and then evict the Partido de la Liberación Dominicana  (PLD) from power, ” party that has only created problems and increased the difficulties of the due conditions of families. ”

He said that 2020 is an auspicious and vital year to defeat the ruling Peledeismo, change the vision of government, dedicate the resources of the country to support production and work for an equitable redistribution of wealth.

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