How can you know if they are spying on your WhatsApp

We will show you how you can know if you are spying on WhatsApp using the WhatsApp Web service.

The tool was created for our convenience, but that simple way to use it makes any family member or flatmate with your mobile phone at hand can link your WhatsApp on your computer without you noticing. And today we’re going to teach you to find out if that happened to you and you’re being spied on with a couple of quick tips.

Since a few days WhatsApp has started to send notifications about the use of WhatsApp Web, so you will know when the session was recently started and when you are using the web version with your account. If one of the two things does not match your use of the application you can start to suspect.

However, these notifications do not work in sessions that were already open, so it will not detect those hypothetical intruders who have spent time spying on you. In addition, notifications take up to almost an hour to appear, and you’re not going to spend the day (or night) attached to the phone to see if they leave. Therefore, it is important that you know other clues that the app gives you to detect possible intruders.

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