illegal man stole an autistic identity and is declared a fugitive by not appearing before the judge

USA. The prosecutors of the city of Quincy in Massachusetts, say that the illegal Dominican Hairon Manuel Martinez, stole the identity of an autistic, to use the name of the disabled that is Carlos Esquilin, and was declared a fugitive on Friday, when not presented before the judge for an arraignment hearing.

An arrest warrant was issued for his capture, with which the Quincy police search for Martinez on charges of identity theft and remain illegal in the United States, for which he would be transferred to the immigration police (ICE) for deportation proceedings. .

Martinez, according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, arrived in court Friday morning, but left before the hearing.

The fugitive, 36, is charged with identity fraud, false impersonation, forgery of documents and use of a stolen fake document submitted to the Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Registry (RMV).

He also has pending charges of heroin and cocaine in the District Court of the city of Somerville.

In November, Martinez was arrested on Hancock Street in Quincy, where a K-9 drug sniffing dog, detected the heroin and cocaine in the black Chrysler sedan car, after crossing over three lanes of traffic, including a solid double yellow line said the police.

The officer also noticed that the car did not have a tail light and activated the lights and the siren stopping the sedan.

The man gave the officer a Massachusetts driver’s license and the registration of the vehicle that identified him as Esquilin. His social security number was issued in Puerto Rico, so the police verified with the RMV of that island.

The license of Puerto Rico in the name of Esquilin showed a person completely different from the photo in the Massachusetts license.

Police said they determined that this man was an imposter, that he stole the identity of an autistic man in Puerto Rico. They said he later fraudulently obtained a Massachusetts identification and vehicle registration using that stolen identity.

On the basis of fingerprint evidence, the police believe that the true identity of the Dominican is Martinez.

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