Jasson Dominguez inspiration was his father

Jasson Domínguez SIGNED FOR US $ 5.1 MILLION

Santo Domingo
, Dominican RepublicJasson Domínguez relates that his passion for the ball game began inspired by his father. From the age of 8 years, he would accompany him every afternoon to the stadium, where a group of children would be entertained batting, playing defense and only when everyone got tired they allowed him to hit five balls at the end of the day.

¨ It was my father who took me by the hand and took me to the play, at times fruit of my childhood, I stopped going to practice because I was playing Nintendo, which caused my father to sit down to talk with me about whether I wanted to keep playing ball, after recriminating myself for my frequent absences, he spoke to me about responsibility, he did it with all the authority he had over me and today thanks to that I am getting these results, “Jasson emphasized with watery eyes.

His father Félix Domínguez, a former baseball player of the Ingenio Esperanza team, in the provincial amateur baseball of Valverde, today dedicated to the informal trade, served as an inspiring spark to his son to advance in the discipline, which on July 2, has already granted him a bonus of five million dollars and a scholarship for two hundred and fifty thousand.

The father is precisely a passionate follower of the New York Yankees and the Tigers of the Licey, however, his scion shared his Yankees sympathy but prefers like his mother Dorca González, the Cibaeñas Eagles, in the Creole ball.

“He took me to play as a child, he was always aware of what he did and what he did not and he got upset when he was in the stadium and watched as the other guys of my generation only let me hit five pitches, even though for two hours I was in the box putting on and throwing balls for others. ”

Jasson Dominguez is the second of six brothers, three males and two females, among them the elder who is Jairo, who like him play ball, flirted with a signature, but then abandoned when he did not achieve the goal. They are followed by Felix Júnior, a 14-year-old boy, who is also expected to make the leap to professionalism when he turns 16; Yosfelix, Sol Elpidia, and Dacha.

He thanks the Wilfrido League, who since the age of eight gave him the opportunity to start and at the age of 11 he went on to the program of Robert Wilde Abreu (Rumi).

The quoted prospect made his primary studies at the Cruce de Esperanza School, from where he went to the Matías Ramón Mella high school.

There he is at the moment of signing with the Yankees, studying the third year of high school, reason why he believes the team has awarded him, along with the signature bonus for US $ 5,000,100.00, a scholarship for US $ 250,000.00 (two hundred and fifty thousand dollars), which you can use to complete your studies at the same time you develop as a player.

Although he has not had time to think about what to do with the money to receive for signing with the Yankees, Jasson revealed that he will first listen to the opinion of his parents, although he thinks it is essential to buy a house for them.

“I still have not met with my parents to talk about that, but I think that will be my priority,” he added.


“In my beginnings, I had my good things, but I never thought I could develop them in such a way, many thought that I would not be a professional player and commented that I would be small in size”.

He thanks the Wilfrido League, who since the age of eight gave him the opportunity to start and at the age of 11 he went on to the program of Robert Wilde Abreu (Rumi).

“I remember that as a child I went to the play Justiniano Tatis every day, at Cruce de Esperanza, from ten in the morning, until 12:00 noon, I threw and covered for everyone and at the end, they only threw me five balls, like to get out of me. ”

Precarious and difficult process

Jasson’s father defines his son’s process as very precarious and difficult, before achieving his insertion in a development program, to the point that they had to risk sending him alone on a transportation bus to Puerto Plata on Saturdays.

“It was not so easy for his mother and me, they were very precarious times, we had to send him to Puerto Plata so he could play in a league, we did not have a vehicle and we were forced to send him in a bus and call those who they were waiting for him, giving him the number of the bus card so that they would receive him there and back and I would wait for him in Navarrete through the same process, you can imagine a minor boy alone in a bus, it was something that left us with our heart in mouth”.


His mother Dorca González describes his offspring as a young man who since childhood has been very obedient and applied in studies, and above all very respectful.

“Jasson has been a child that neither we nor the neighbors have had any complaint of his behavior, he is a person who takes away the advice, thank God he has been an excellent boy and in school very good too, in fact he was a student meritorious in sixth grade “

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