Judge formalizes his complaint that he was “contacted” by Miriam Germán Brito

SANTO DOMINGO. After he warned through a social network that “many truths will be known”, Judge José Gregorio Bautista Vargas formally deposited this Wednesday in the Judicial Council of the Dominican Republic a document by which he formalizes his complaint that the judge of the Supreme Court of Justice, Miriam Germán Brito, contacted him on several occasions in proceedings aimed at obtaining the freedom of the alleged drug trafficker Winston Risik Rodríguez.

José Gregorio, who is currently an alternate judge of the Fourth Labor Chamber of the Santo Domingo Province, maintained that these efforts were made by Germán Brito when he, by order of the Director General of the Judicial Career, formed with Judge Brenda Galán the collegiate court of Monte Plata, which heard the case of Winston and his brother, Nelson Risik Delgado, involved in a drug case.

He revealed that this case was followed closely by representatives in the Dominican Republic of the Government of the United States, and because of the outcome he had, he (Bautista Vargas) was suspended from his visa to travel to this country.

José Gregorio deposited the document entitled “Report of what happened in conversation Judge Mirian Germán relation Case Brothers Risik” this Wednesday morning, two days after a public scandal has arisen because the Attorney General of the Republic, Jean Alain Rodríguez, read fragments of a letter that Batista Vargas had sent him about the performance of that magistrate. The Procurator made the reading during a hearing of the National Council of the Magistracy in which it began to pass balance to the proceedings of the judges of the Supreme Court.

In parallel, through Twiter, Bautista said: “Today I deposited before the Council of the Judicial Power my complaint that links the magistrate Miriam Germán Brito. I will NOT take responsibility for others! “S of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ).

“Questioning my person will bring consequences”

In addition, very early, a video was uploaded to social networks showing a certification from the Council of the Judiciary that supports that he has never been subjected to disciplinary proceedings, has not received warnings or subjected to any type of questioning during the time takes in the judicial service.

Although he did not express it, the judge showed displeasure by criteria that on his person issued the judge Germán Brito as well as journalists and communicators, after the Procurator read the fragments of the letter he wrote against said magistrate.

“This questioning that has been made against my person, will bring consequences and one of those consequences is that they will know many truths,” he said.

Video Source: Youtube

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