Judge puts suicide watch on the father of twins who died asphyxiated by forgetfulness in his car

NEW YORK. –  After scream “I killed my babies, I killed them, I left them alone in the car!” And collapsed on Saturday in the criminal court of the Bronx, where he was instructed on charges of negligent manslaughter and endangered the The welfare of his children, the Hispanic Juan Rodríguez, 39, a resident of the town of New City in Rockland County, was placed under suicide surveillance by the judge in the Patsy Goldborne case, after being released on $ 100,000 bond. dollars, for the deaths of the twins Phoenix and Luna Rodríguez, 1 year old.

He was also ordered to turn in his passport and will have to return to court on August 1.

Rodriguez, who is an active member of the United States National Guard, a veteran of the war in Iraq and a social worker at the veteran’s hospital in The Bronx, burst into uncontrollable cries in court, with a room full of family, friends and close friends, who unanimously showed him support, calling him an exemplary father and giving himself completely to his children.

In addition to the twins, Rodriguez has three other children from a first marriage.

“I suffered a mental blackout and I went blank,” Rodriguez told the judge, explaining that he swore that on Friday morning he had taken the twins to Day Care, where he left them every day, before going to his work in the hospital.

Among those who supported him inside and outside the court, was his wife Marissa, who also testifies that her husband is one of the parents of the world.

In similar terms, Caucasian neighbors of the Rodriguez family house were expressed in New City.

Rodriguez, as usual, transported the twins behind, in baby seats and tied with safety straps.

At 8:22 in the morning, he got out of the vehicle, closed all the doors and went to work, spending the day at work, believing he had left the children in the nursery.

To make the “mental blackout” worse, no element emerged that reminded him that he was with the twins.

The mother, grandmother and no other family called him to ask, as usual how his day was going and about the stay of the twins in the nursery.

His turn ended at 3:59 p.m., when he returned to the car, parked a few blocks from the hospital and a semi-depopulated area.

He entered, started the engine and still did not remember his twins, until he drove a couple of blocks, when he looked back, seeing them dead and with plenty of foam in their mouths.

Rodriguez was arrested Saturday and charged with the death of the twins.

The twins’ little bodies had an internal temperature of 108 degrees when coroners examined their bodies in the vehicle seat.

“I assumed that I left them in the nursery before going to work,” Rodriguez told police at the scene, according to the file.

“I went blank!” He shouted. “My babies are dead! I killed my babies!” He repeated shattered again and again.

Rodriguez was still sobbing at his appearance Saturday night before Judge Patsy Goldborne.

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