Junior Guzmán Feliz mother declared her “frustration” when leaving the court and puts “everything in the hands of God”

EEUU. When the trial just beginning formally 5 of the 14 accused of the murder of fifteen-year-old Lesandro “Junior” Guzmán-Feliz, his mother said yesterday feeling “frustrated.”

Previously Mrs. Leandra Feliz had cried in a day that was particularly emotional when the prosecution presented four unpublished videos about the last minutes of “Junior” before collapsing in the hospital the fateful night of June 20, 2018 in the Bronx, highlighted Pix11 .

Emotions continued outside. “It was so frustrating,” Feliz said at the end of the judicial day. “I still feel something out of mind.”

“I have everything in the hands of God,” the mother later reiterated. “We need to get justice for Junior.”

Jennifer Weisel, a friend of Happy, sat down next to her while they watched the crude videos of the wild homicide. “It looked absolutely devastated,” said Weisel. “As if I was going to faint. Basically they had to get her out of the room. ”

Another woman also had to leave the court while some of the videos were playing. I was hyperventilating and crying.

Prosecutors used the videos to prove that 5 of the 14 accused gang members had attacked Junior with the intention of killing him.

Elvin García, Jonaiki Martínez Estrella, José Muñiz, Antonio Rodríguez Hernández Santiago and Manuel Rivera face charges of first degree murder and other serious crimes. Nine others are detained for this charge in the second degree and will be tried later.

Lawyers for four of the defendants made it clear during opening statements Monday that they intend to prove that only Martinez Estrella caused the fatal wound in the jugular vein of Guzmán-Feliz and therefore should be the only person tried for murder in the first place. grade

But for the prosecution and Junior’s family, the five members of the Dominican gang “Los Trinitarios” are equally responsible for the homicide.

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