Lawyer of the clown Kanqui: Behind all this there is a bad intention

One of the lawyers of Kelvin Francisco Núñez Morel, known in the artistic world as Kanqui, said on Tuesday that his client considers himself innocent of the accusations against him of alleged sexual assault on minors and that behind all this there is a bad intention

Mito Núñez added that an example of this is that Núñez Morel was on trips in the United States and that when the judge of Santiago’s Permanent Attention Office, Jesús María Díaz Ramírez, issued the arrest warrant against him, he returned to the country for motus own and put at the disposal of the Public Ministry.

“He was not interrogated, he was not compared with the statements of the victims who are already of legal age, people who were former employees of him, it seems that there is an aversion or something that caused this whole plot,” said Núñez to the Caribbean via telephone.

He assured that the people who are accusing Nunez Morel do not have the means to prove their allegations, and he assured that these accusations will be diluted over time because they do not have the means to concatenate them with material evidence.

However, he said that for the time being the important thing is to verify if the accused, Kanqui, has roots in the country and that there is no danger of flight.

“He has the largest budget, which is a person with a reputation, both nationally and internationally, can not walk the streets without anyone pointing to Kanqui, is a person who presents no flight risk,” said the attorney.

There is no formal complaint

Kanqui’s lawyer also assured that there are no formal complaints against his client and insisted that all this is due to “a hoax” made with bad intentions to destroy the image of the clown.

Núñez said that at noon on Tuesday the Public Ministry had not yet submitted the request for the coercive measure.

“He says that Kaqui is alive, but in fact that character is already dead because of the irreparable damage of those badly sound accusations and lacking any legal basis, for a simple plea of ​​a person who said that nine years ago they touched him thigh, someone wanted to take off a shirt, without doing any kind of social research, “he said.

He regretted that for “a comment” issued by social networks, destroy a family.

In his opinion with a situation like that, it is evident that the rule of law is being lost.

“If he is responsible for a fact and there are tests, Kelvin Núñez has to pay for it, but if there is no evidence, they can not prosecute a person for a simple comment, because in this country what is lived is gossip of patio, neighborhood gossip, “he said.

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