Lawyers of the assassins of Junior they ask for mercy During Trial

NEW YORK, USA. Outrage caused among those attending the hearing on Tuesday against five of the 14 accused of murdering the young Dominican Lexandro Guzmán Feliz (Junior), 15, the argument of his defense lawyers before the judge that “at the age of 20, young people do not know what they want”.

Some of the audience participants told the most tense moments. Eileen Mirayes told the program “First Impact”: “four of them were laughing, they looked at the family and they laughed”.

Piety for the future of the five accused”

He said that Lisandro Guzman and Leandra Feliz, father of the murdered youth, were very upset, angry because they laughed while one of the lawyers asked the judge for “mercy for the future of the five accused.”

In addition, the defenders allege that their clients, José Muñiz, 22 years old; Manuel Rivera, 19; Antonio Santiago Rodríguez, 25, Elvin García, 24, and Joniki Martínez Estrella, 25, feared that Junior was their enemy.

The victim’s older brother, Manny Ortiz, says he is ashamed of the defense’s anomalies in handling the case.

Sentenced to life sentences

“That was a group of hyenas hunting a simple gazelle, that’s what I saw, that can not be human, if we all saw what happened, why give it longer,” he said.

If found guilty by the jury of 14 women and five men, the defendants would be sentenced to life imprisonment.

This crime, which occurred in June of last year in the Bronx, moved the whole society of the United States, for the cruelty with which the group of young people committed it.

The other defendants are Luis Cabrera, Danilo Payamps Pacheco, Kevin Álvarez, José Tavárez, Diego Suero, Gabriel Ramírez Concepción, Ronald Ureña and Frederick Then, who will be tried next August.

To all, of Dominican origin, they are indicated as members of the gang “Los Trinitarios”.

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