Leonel Fernández Constitutionally I can participate in the electoral process

Leonel Fernández Constitutionally I can participate in the electoral process
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SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic. – The ex-president Leonel Fernández informed that he can constitutionally participate in the electoral process.

The Social Democratic Institutional bloc, the Progressive National Force and the Quisqueyano Democrat Party, held assemblies just one day before the deadline granted by the Central Electoral Board (JCE) to the political parties that did not go to simultaneous primaries, who on Saturday with the majority of its members elected former president Fernández to be the presidential candidate for the upcoming elections.

In thanking the support, Fernández reiterated his rejection of a constitutional reform with the sole purpose of re-electing a presidential candidate; During his speech, the former president announced the reasons for his separation

from the PLD, claiming a strong difference in values ​​and principles.

Fernandez said there is no legal impediment to being a presidential candidate
The president of the Progressive National Force said that not allowing Leonel Fernández to be a candidate would generate social mobilizations.

He considered it very important to prevent Dominican democracy from becoming a fragile democracy and losing the rule of law, being one of the main challenges to create conditions of equity for all Dominicans.

For this Sunday the conventions of the Dominican Workers Party, and the Christian Social Reformist, where they will proclaim the former president as their presidential candidate.


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