Leonel Fernandez critical debt level of the country

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.- The president of La Fuerza del Pueblo (FP), Leonel Fernández, accused the Government of squandering resources and indebting the country in a scenario characterized by high oil barrel prices and a decrease in global and regional economies.

He said that with the waste of resources irresponsibly, the palatial dome intends to perpetuate itself in power over the Dominican people.

When spearheading a presentation of candidates for mayors and deputy mayors of the People’s Force and allied parties, he mentioned that the government has wasted more than 7 billion dollars of resources that allowed the period in which the barrel of oil was around 30 dollars.

He said that meant for the economy an annual saving of at least one billion dollars in what has to do with the subsidy to the electricity sector.

“If I am saving one billion a year, in six years it is 6 billion dollars (315 million pesos), but if in addition to that I have income from sales of shares of transnational companies that left, I calculate that this government had unintended income of at least 7 thousand or 8 billion dollars (420 billion pesos, more than 40% of the National Budget of 2020), which we did not have during our government because it was the other way around, when the oil was for over a hundred dollars a barrel, ”said Fernández.

He asked himself “how is it possible that, having had a boom situation, with winds in favor, this government has had to borrow at the levels that it has reached and that in times of fat cows what it has done is to borrow and mortgage the future of the Dominican Republic”.

He added that international organizations describe a bleak economic outlook for this year, characterized by the decline of large economies.

He added that in the case of China, its economy grew 12 percent annually, but for this year only 5.5 percent is forecast, which will impact the Dominican Republic and the countries of the region, because the great nation Asia has become the driving force of regional economies.

He said that in that adverse context “the people appeal to captains with experience” and said that Dominican society must know where the experience is and with patriotic sentiment.

He explained that the country’s political and economic stability is given because what has affected South America has benefited the country, until now.

“The Dominican economy depends a lot on the stability of the prices of fuels, of hydrocarbons,” he said.

He added that in Latin America, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) projects as one of the worst years in terms of economic growth in recent decades.

The event was attended by candidates for mayors and vice mayors of the FP, as well as the presidents of the allied parties Christian Social Reformist (PRSC), Quisqueyano Christian Democrat (PQDC), of National Unity (PUN), Institutional Social Democratic Block (BIS) and the National Progressive Force (FNP).

It was held at the Jaragua hotel and was broadcast live and, in addition, the transmission was also done with sign language.

In it, the symbolic electoral song of the present electoral campaign entitled “Es que se van”, performed by El Talento, was presented.

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