Leonel Fernández resigns from the PLD and warns that he will take “the conceited from the Palace”

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic. – Ex-president Leonel Fernández resigned this Sunday from the Dominican Liberation Party (Partido de la Liberación Dominicana) (PLD), accusing the dome of that organization of becoming an “iron oligarchy” and announced that he will work on the creation of a new political project to get “the conceited from the National Palace”.

Fernández said that this political project will try to conquer the hope of the Dominican people, which he said was usurped.

La Fuerza del Pueblo”  will be a project of national unity, which goes beyond an acronym to represent the longings of the great majority. It will be a deeply democratic project, which is committed to compliance with the rules of the game, transparency and dynamic participation of all sectors of society. ”

He said they will continue to join different sectors of Dominican society with the desire to be part of a new political organization that opens its doors to democratic participation.

“We will establish alliances with other political organizations, with civil society, with professional centers, with union and social leaders; and in that way we will create an opposition force so powerful that in a short time it will contribute to reconfiguring the national political scene. ”

He said that force will let “the conceited Palace know that they will not get away with it”. ”That the people are respected; and that they prepare themselves to listen for all the confines of the national territory the slogan that by 20: E´Pá Out Que Van! ”, he pointed out.

Fernández dedicated much of his expected speech to launch criticism against Medina, whom he described as stubborn and stubborn with impossible causes, such as when in the 2000 elections he tried unsuccessfully to convince the PLD and the PRSC to accompany him to a second electoral round, despite that he had not even won 25% of the votes against Hipólito Mejía, of the PRD, in those elections.

The former Peledeist leader lamented that under the direction of Medina, the government has become “a spiteful and vengeful entity.”

He said that the Medina administration “harasses” and “silences the voices that oppose, which presses and does not blush to run over.

He said that he himself has been the victim of these alleged government abuses, when in the fight for the presidential nomination he was the target of a supposed media campaign of discredit with filthiness and rudeness to crumble his image.

Elementary Open October 6:

He called “the first electoral slaughterhouse of the 21st century” the open primary of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and indicated that he requested an “autopsy species on the corpse of automated electoral fraud” and that this autopsy be true.

¨ The Central Electoral Board should not fear conducting a forensic audit in accordance with the requirements we have requested. he added.

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