Leonel Fernández says the PLD will be in third place in the elections

Dominican Republic. – Former President Leonel Fernández said that the political reality is that the Dominican Liberation Party (Partido de la Liberación Dominicana)  will be in third place in the 2020 general elections, being finally defeated by Fuerza del Pueblo, the organization he created after his resignation from the purple party.

Fernandez said that never before in the history of the Dominican Republic had a party registered that in two months achieved so many things and called for so much support. “That comes from the achievements of our 12-year government efforts. It also comes from June 14, which we have attracted to that sector by the PTD, ”said Fernández.

The ex-president said that his new political project has been joined by independent people, who previously did not approach the PLD because they had the doors closed or other organizations that because they saw them in decline.

He stressed that his political party, Fuerza del Pueblo, generates a greater balance in the current Dominican political scene. “There is a distribution of partisan political force,” he said.

“The reality is that they will be in third place and will be defeated by the People’s Force,” he said in reference to the ruling party, which he led until last October.

“They are the power. Those of us who have to defend the vote are us. Those who do fraud are them. We have the will of the people, ”he said.

“The parties are not measured, they measure the figures,” was also Fernandez’s response to the recently published results in the SIGMA DOS survey, which indicates that the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) has resumed the primacy in preference of the electorate.

Fernández disqualified the results of that pollster, considering her the “Palace pollster”, since it is hired by the Government to make measurements.

Fernandez spoke at the headquarters of the Global Democracy and Development Foundation (Funglode) where from early hours on Thursday, supporters and leaders of his presidential project come to congratulate him on his 66th birthday.

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