Leonel is confident in electronic voting in primaries and elections of 2020

The candidate for the presidential nomination of the ruling Partido de la Liberación Dominicana, Leonel Fernández, is satisfied with the explanations received by the plenary of the Central Electoral Board on automated voting.

In that sense, he gave a vote of confidence to the implementation of the new system that will be used in the internal process of the parties and the elections of 2020.

“I am confident that the candidate that those who vote will be the chosen candidate,” Fernandez said at the end of the explanation given by the JCE.

After the trial of the automated process, the president of the electoral body, Julio Cesar Castaños Guzmán, affirmed that the new system would avoid the distortions that occurred in the past.

“There is no possibility of a double vote between the parties that go to the primaries and perfectly this system is auditable,” said Castaños Guzmán

He added that citizens can be confident of transparency in upcoming elections.


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