Leonel says a Hindu hacker worked from Casa de Campo for primary fraud

Santo Domingo, RD. Former President Leonel Fernández said that a “recognized Indian hacker” was brought to the country to perpetrate the electoral fraud he has reported suffered in the internal primaries last October 6.

According to Fernández, that hacker worked on “the third front” that would have worked in a villa in Casa de Campo, in La Romana.

This individual, according to Fernández, is the author of several manuals on how to perform these criminal practices.

“We know precisely the exact place from which this event was perpetrated and the precise identity of this sinister character, as well as of his partners in the Dominican Republic; and we are willing to reveal their names to those who are going to carry out the forensic technical audit with the support of the United States, the European Union and the Organization of American States (OAS), for the purpose of their investigation, to establish their responsibilities and to lead justice, ”he said in his speech, broadcast this morning on a radio and television network.


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