Lizbeth Santos leaves CDN

Lizbeth Santos leaves CDN
Lizbeth Santos leaves CDN

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. – The journalist Lizbeth Santos said goodbye today to the program, “More than news” of the CDN network where she worked for five years.

As announced at the close of the program on Thursday, Santos will be dedicated to new projects in his career.

“These are tears of joy, of gratitude, because I made very good friends here. I fulfilled a very beautiful era of my professional life and I can also mix it with the personal, ”he said.

Lizbeth said that when she started at CDN she felt intimidated because she didn’t have the experience in news, however, the experience made her feel like a university.

In substitution of Lizbeth enters Laura Pérez from the news area, who will accompany Miltón Coldero, (Lettuce) who remains in the team.


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