Man burns alive his three-year-old daughter locked in a car when she tried to commit suicide

NEW YORK. Martin Pereira, a 39-year-old immigrant from Guyana, burned alive his 3-year-old daughter Zoey Pereira, who locked him inside his car, where he placed a propane tank and then set it on fire with a gallon of gasoline, an attempt to commit suicide next to the little one, on Sunday morning in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens.

The police arrested Pereira and he is accusing him of premeditated murder, after finding him singed by the flames in a lake, near the scene and taking him to the hospital.

His profile on Facebook says he studied at Guyana’s Patentia High School and works as a construction worker at South East Construction Group, Inc.

Investigators said that he left the girl in the back of the car and put the gas tank in the trunk. The explosion occurred at 9:00 on Sunday night.

The Guyanese resided in the suburb of Valley Stream (New York) and according to court records, he had starred in two incidents of domestic violence with his ex-wife, the girl’s mother.

He is being burned in the second and third grades.

The car doors, a 2008 Audi Sedan, were reinforced with chains by Pereira, before being burned with the daughter inside, near Boulevard Baisley and 155th Street. The girl was transported by paramedics to the Jamaica hospital where she died shortly after.

The Guyanese is in police custody at Weill Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan.

Calls from witnesses to 911 alerted the authorities about a car stopped in the middle of the intersection.

When the police arrived, they noticed that the interior of the car was burning, and that the sedan’s windows were completely wrapped, said Deputy Chief of Police Joseph Gallucci at the scene.

The researchers discovered a gas container in the street and another in the back seat.

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