Manny Pacquiao has another great challenge in Las Vegas

Manny Pacquiao, legend of modern boxing, will have this Saturday one of his great challenges when he faces the dangerous American boxer Keith Thurman. Do you risk being knocked out and definitely leaving the endagados?

Special note: Pacquiao, in his lawsuit with Thurman, will match with Floyd Mayweather Jr. the number of times he fights in Las Vegas, Nevada, at 15.

On this new challenge of the veteran fighter of the Philippines, here is the obligatory question: At 40, will you inscribe your name on the exclusive list of boxers who at that age have won a world championship?

The most acute and savvy analysts do not hesitate to give a categorical answer: Yes, the brave Asian fighter still has “wood” to show his proven quality of solidifying his condition of being a monarch “outside of group” and, obviously, having a rival 10 years younger.

30-year-old Keith Thurman, in his previous fight (set up last January), won against a well-beaten boxer like Josecito Lopez.

The young American fighter, with undefeated record (29-0, 22 wins by knockout), had not been in the ring for almost two years. Experts believe that “that inactivity perhaps prevented him from looking more stellar in his suit with Lopez who has been defeated by other rivals of much less quality than the one that adorns Thurman”.

In a derogatory way some reports, signed by journalists versed in boxing, point out that “the old man Manny Pacquiao will be fighting for the second time this year. We asked veteran coaches to evaluate Pacquiao and Thurman … then we let the fighters respond to their own escouteo reports. ” Thurman, is what has been seen in the news media, underestimates the experience and proven ability of Pacquiao who presents excellent record of 61 victories and only seven defeats with 39 triumphs via the dream.

Pacquiao is always dangerous

Pacquiao, throughout his brilliant professional career, has taught that he is always a boxer of great danger so no opponent should underestimate him, even if he believes that the Filipino “is ready to go home and hang up his gloves”.

Manny has insisted on the following: “Age does not matter because I, at 40, feel very strongly to win my fights.”

The more objective experts believe that Pacquiao, because of the discipline he has been in the gym during his long professional career, can “neutralize” the youth and speed of Thurman. But they also say that they have, of necessity, to work hard mainly in the first seven and eight rounds in order to “put pressure” on their rival.

The physical conditions of both fighters, the expected night of the fight, will be decisive for one of the two to emerge from the ring with the smile of triumph.

Last Tuesday, in statements offered to the ESPN sports network, Freddie Roach, Pacquiao’s coach, was firm in stating that his pupil will win the fight “by knockout in the ninth round.”

Pacquiao has undergone an intense and rigorous training regime at the Wild Card gym in California, owned by Roach.

Anyway, experts say, will Pacquiao, at 40 years old, have enough physical condition to deal with his young rival, the efficient Keith Thurman?

Some analysts do not hesitate to give a categorical answer: “Yes, Pacquiao will be able to do it … and do not doubt that he will be successful even by knockout”.

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