Margarita Cedeño launches for the presidential candidacy of the PLD

Margarita Cedeño launches for the presidential candidacy of the PLD

The Vice President of the Republic, Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, announced in New York her aspirations for the presidential nomination by the ruling Partido de la Liberación Dominicana.

The vice president will compete against her own husband Leonel Fernandez, set a precedent in the Dominican Republic and perhaps in the world, to be the first couple of husbands who fight for a presidential candidacy.

With Cedeño de Fernández now nine candidates for the coveted presidential candidacy of the PLD for the 2020 elections add up.

“The time has come for a woman and a new leadership,” said Cedeño de Fernández in an interview with Telenoticias.

The ruling party has a presidential pre-candidate factory and it is not yet clear if President Danilo Medina will choose to be re-elected.

The other candidates are: Fernández, Reinaldo

Pared Pérez, Carlos Amarante Baret, Francisco Domínguez Brito, Andrés Navarro and Radhamés Segura.

CANDIDATE COUPLES. In Mexico, the former president of Alvarado, Octavio Ruiz Barroso, competed against his own wife, Marliz Platas Luna, to obtain the candidacy for federal deputy for the district of San Andrés Tuxtla, in the south of the state of Veracruz, for the alliance between PAN-PRD-Citizen Movement.
While in Peru, the mayor of San Luis, Ricardo Castro Sierra, is running for re-election by Unión por el Peru (UPP) and faces his still wife, Magali Silva Álvarez, who is also a candidate for the municipal chair for the Partido Peruvian Humanist

In none of these cases were presidential aspirations.


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