Marisol Franco, wife of “César El Abusador” is delivered to the Public Ministry

Marisol Mercedes and Franco Cesar Emilio Peralta El Abusador

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. – Marisol Mercedes Franco, wife of César Emilio Peralta (El Abusador), accused of leading one of the largest drug trafficking networks in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, was handed over to the Public Ministry.
Marisol, who is the sister of Berlinesa Franco, the widow of Juan de los Santos (Juancito), was handed

over by her lawyer.

The Attorney General’s Office had placed an international red alert against Franco and her husband.

In addition to Franco, former baseball baseball Octavio Dotel, Roberto José Cáceres, José Bernabé Quiterio, Bishop Feliz Lorenzo, Baltazar Mesa (El Maestro), José Jesús Tapia Pérez (Black Ball) and Sergio Gomez Diaz.


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