Marketing Automation and CRM, how to integrate them with HubSpot

If you want to multiply your company’s sales, then it’s time to improve your customers ‘ buying experience and make it extraordinary. Because when we talk about Inbound Marketing, the features tell the product but are the benefits offered that sell it.

It’s time to align marketing and sales.

Let’s see how.

From this point of view, HubSpot is the tool that better than others changes the way you relate to customers and nurture the relationship with leads.

Find out how it works and all the benefits for the company!

It is a two-way system that complements CRM and Marketing Automation.

This feature allows you to interact with each other: if we modify the data of a Prospect within the Software, they also change in the automated workflow.

Why integrate CRM with MA (Marketing Automation) is useful for increasing customers, on-line, of the company?

Collecting all potential and current customer data in one big digital agenda helps you manage them better.

You can verify the correctness of the information at any time, update them, check the point where you are in the trade report (phases of the Funnel) with a contact (Lead). It is easier in this way to take the right strategic solutions, to decide the next step.

If the situation is stalled or you are one step away from concluding the negotiation, thanks to the integration allowed by a tool like HubSpot, everything will always be under control.

This is because hubspot makes visible:

The behaviors of people on your website

Their browsing habits

Reactions to corporate marketing initiatives.

Then it reduces the sales process and sends the most appropriate information to the Lead at the right time.

In this way, the relationship with the Lead is always at its most potential, whatever its level of involvement. Each stage of the Buyer Journey is optimized and consequently the conversions increase, compared to a manual management.

Imagine that you are in the middle of a control room and have a lot of cameras in front of your eyes.

You can monitor:

The traffic sources to the website

The individual pages visited and for what time frame

The bounce rate (after how long the visitor left the page)

What are the Landing pages, Call-to-Action and forms that convert more

What are the performance of an email marketing campaign

When the customer relationship management system meets Marketing Automation, the company takes advantage of the power of email and Inbound marketing.

If the Marketing area and the Sales area are aligned, the company puts the turbo and finally reaches maximum speed.

How is CRM integrated into the Marketing Automation system?

Let’s start by mapping all the fields of CRM.

A tool like HubSpot already offers an automated mapping system, to avoid manually entering all CRM data into the Marketing Automation system (!)

The moment you proceed with the mapping of all the information available, the changes take place in two directions. What is then changed in one system is also updated in the other and vice versa.

It’s the timing of the sync and it’s happening in real time (unless it’s a really huge system and then the refresh interval goes around 15 minutes).

From now on, marketing and sales teams, as well as customer service for example, are deployed on the same line, ready to conquer new customers.

If a commercial wants to know the path of a customer, then it displays information from the Marketing Automation system. If the customer service needs data, then it accesses the CRM. For the company it means to equip itself with a decisive weapon for the purposes of victory on the field.

HubSpot is the world’s most used All-in-One platform: 41000 customers from 90 countries in the world currently choose it to manage these crucial activities within the company:

Email Marketing

Content Marketing




Social Media renouncing the integration between Marketing Automation and CRM means giving up a lot of useful information. Greater transparency between the marketing area and the sales area translates into an increase in Revenue. In fact, companies that choose integrated Automation to CRM Software, increase their sales opportunities by 20%.

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