Miguel Vargas says PRD will lead more women candidates in 2020

The president of the Partido Revolucionario Dominicano (PRD), Miguel Vargas Maldonado, said that this organization will be the one that most women candidates will take on the ballot in the year 2020.
In an act celebrated in the framework of the commemoration of International Women’s Day, Vargas Maldonado said that, until now, the pre-registered as candidates for elective positions in the PRD represent 51% of women and 49% of men.

The activity carried out in a hotel in the Capital was coordinated by the National Secretariat of Women headed by Julissa Hernández, and attended by delegations from all over the country and from abroad.

In pronouncing the central words, Vargas Maldonado affirmed that this is the political organization that gives greater participation to women in their different management bodies, many of which stand out for having strong leadership in their respective communities and professional work.

“I want to recognize here the great contribution of our women, and their important role in the processes of our history, and reaffirm that José Francisco Peña Gómez was the leading champion of the best causes in favor of women,” said Vargas.

He added that Peña Gómez used his leadership, voice and energy, both in national and international scenarios to defend women’s rights, and advocated that they be granted institutional spaces and positions of popular election.

Vargas reiterated that, “the PRD is the party of opportunities for women”, so, in the upcoming electoral tournament, the PRD women will have a significant percentage of participation in the ballots they will present to the electorate, in all the districts of the country. .

During the ceremony, parcels of acknowledgments were handed out to more than a dozen women leaders, including Janet Camilo, Minister of Women; Estela Ozuna, mayor of the municipality of Guaymate; Rosa Medrano, Cecilia Guzmán, Estela Ozuna, Inés Matos, Leonora Cabrera, among others.

The event was also attended by Tony Peña Guaba, general secretary; Fiquito Vásquez, national secretary of Organization; Junior Santos, mayor of Los Alcarrizos; Julissa Hernández, National Secretary of Women; Altagracita Tavárez, secretary of Municipal Affairs, Silvia García, deputy to PARLACEN; Estela Ozuna, mayor of the Guaymate municipality, of La Romana.

Also, the leaders Mary Sanchez, Abril Peña, Nadia Andújar, Betty Grullón, Minerva Casalisnovo, Edme Arnaud, Denise Cabral, Dolores Salas, Virmania Aracena, Marianela de la Cruz, Onolia Colon, Annie Báez, deputy overseas; and Olga Capellán, the latter from the sectionals of Europe.

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