More than 70 thousand soldiers will watch Sunday’s primary

More than 70 thousand soldiers will watch Sunday's primary

More than 70,000 members of the Armed Forces and 30,000 of the National Police will be quartered as of this Thursday, in order to make them available to the Military Electoral Police, an entity that will be in charge of the custody of the primary elections that will be held this Sunday from eight in the morning, until four in the afternoon.

Last Sunday, Defense Minister Lieutenant General Rubén Darío Paulino Sem revealed that a total of 48 thousand soldiers will guard the election process held by the Dominican Liberation parties and the Modern Revolutionary to elect their presidential, municipal and legislative candidates.

Also, since the beginning of the week the members of the National Police were informed that as of this Thursday they should report to their company and put themselves at the service of the institution, so that they participate in the custody of the more than seven thousand voting centers that will be scattered throughout the national geography.

A source linked to the Ministry of Defense told the digital newspaper that around the voting centers there will be an extreme and hermetic surveillance, in order to avoid disorders during the process.


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