New Jersey police arrest Dominican doctor with excessive force

Police from West New York apply excessive force to Dominican doctor Dante Joa, when he was arrested for re-election campaigning for mayor Félix Roque.

USA. Police in the city West New York in New Jersey, including a woman, arrested yesterday in the morning the Dominican doctor Dante Joa, a member of the Dominican Medical Association (CMD), a subsidiary of that state, and applied excessive force after going Over, bend, throw him on the floor and one of the agents, pressed his back with the knee, while the doctor was handcuffed by the others.

Joa, a therapist massage specialist and maintains an open training school on Bergenline Avenue, was arrested when the police arrived at his school, where he was playing bachata music and distributing leaflets from the campaign of the re-election mayor Félix Roque, warning him that the practice is prohibited, but the Dominican doctor turned his back on the officer who spoke to him and entered the premises, being followed by that and other policemen.

Apparently, there was an argument, when Joa refused to agree to be handcuffed for what the officers violently harassed, they threw him down, threw him on the floor and there, handcuffed him, while they applied excessive force.

Mayor Roque denounced in a text that the repression of the police was by orders of the commissioner in charge of the uniformed of West New York, Gabriel Rodriguez, who is also in charge of a school district and aspiring to the mayor’s office.

“This is not Cuba or Venezuela,” Roque wrote, rejecting the attitude of the police against the Dominican doctor.

A call to the president of the CMD, Dr. Roa, was not answered to this reporter last night for a reaction on the incident.

Mayor Roque, who by law is the immediate chief of police, warned that an investigation will be opened that could lead to sanctions against the repressive police officers who acted illegally against Dr. Joa.

“Clearly, this was done under the direction of Commissioner Rodriguez who is in charge of the police department.”

“The video shows that the merchant was arrested by the police simply because he was playing music and giving campaign material to the mayor,” Roque adds in the complaint.

The mayor released a video of another West New York official who entered the store of another merchant and threatened and intimidated him for supporting the mayor.

The video shows the employee, which Commissioner Rodríguez has publicly praised, tearing signs from the Roque campaign from the windows of the establishment.

“This type of abuse of power and political oppression by my opponent has to stop, this is America, not Cuba or Venezuela,” said Roque.

He went further to say that as a retired army colonel, he has fought with his comrades in arms against tyranny and to protect the constitution of the United States.

“Today I am calling the attorney general to investigate this scandalous behavior,” said Mayor Roque.

Rodriguez, administrator of a local school district, said that if the first objective of his slate was chosen, it would be to approve a parking plan that includes dissolving the West New York Parking Authority and establishing links to build garages on municipal property.

The commissioner rejected the plan last month after Roque and councilor Colacurcio voted against.

That meeting, on April 17, was described as “wild”, even by the cultural and manners standards of the residents of West New York.

More than 150 people gathered in a packed city hall to see the proceedings, cheer on their favorite candidates and boo their opponents.

The police officers warned the members of the audience several times to be quiet, but no one did.

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