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NYPD Reveal video of Sergeant who murdered a Dominican in the Bronx

New York. – The Police Department (NYPD) released on Saturday the video of the body chambers of three agents, two men and one woman, with the chilling images when Sergeant Jonathan Rivera shot Dominican Allan James Feliz on October 17, 2019 inside of your vehicle on a Bronx avenue.

After killing him, the sergeant he finished lowered his pants, searched and handcuffed him, shaking the body several times, according to another video posted hours after death, while Feliz’s mother, Mery Verdeja and her sisters, denounced that He was treated like a dog after killing him.

The horrific images expose one of the policemen, Edward Barrett, attacking the victim who resists getting out of the vehicle with heavy punches, shouting “get out of the car, get out of the car!”

Another of the policemen, a Hispanic, takes his electric gun Taser and makes several shots against Feliz, despite the shouts of the civilian asking him to stop.

Then, two of the policemen enter the car and one of them grabs and shakes Feliz by the neck and the other pushes him by the head down to try to subdue him.

“I’m going to have to shoot you brother,” warns the officer identified as Sergeant Jonathan Rivera, meanwhile, agent Michelle Almanzar, who was said to be of Dominican origin asks for reinforcements on the scene.

In the incident on Friday, October 17 at Bainbridge Avenue, near 211 East Street at around 3:00 p.m.

Police claim that the patrollers arrested Feliz because he was not wearing a seatbelt, but after he was arrested and searched for his record, the victim appeared with three arrest warrants.

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