Octogenarian jewel thief rejects agreement with prosecutors for 22-year prison sentence

NEW YORK. –  The eight-year-old jewel thief, who had stolen in luxury building apartments in Manhattan, garments valued at almost half a million dollars, Samuel Sabatino, of Italian origin, rejected Wednesday through his lawyer, an agreement to Guilt with prosecutors who offer him a sentence of 22 years in jail.

Sabatino, 82, is accused of being a serial thief with expensive jewelry, according to the record.

Sabatino’s lawyer, Murray Richman, jokingly told the judge that if you can guarantee that your defendant will live more than two decades, then the deal would be considered.

If Sabatino is convicted, and fulfills the full sentence, he would be released when he is 104 years old.

The defendant pleaded not guilty Wednesday to the Manhattan State Supreme Court on 15 counts of robberies, identity theft, major theft, tampering with evidence and other crimes.

The agreement would also have included an open accusation of theft in 2001, when he violated bail in that case and had been a fugitive for almost two decades, prosecutors said.

Judge Gregory Carro left him imprisoned without bail.

The old man allegedly climbed empty apartments in elegant buildings during holiday weekends to steal the jewels.

“The defendant was essentially passing in front of the porters, entering high-end residential buildings in Upper Manhattan,” said assistant district attorney Rachel Polisner.

He was carrying a black bag with anti-theft tools, which he supposedly used to open locks.

He obtained about $ 500,000 in jewelry since 2014, the Public Ministry said.

The wave of robberies of Sabatino came to an end on August 31 after entering the lobby of the 153 East Building on 67th Street, but the doorman did not let him climb.

The NYPD was using a GPS device to track the Sabatino Lexus ES 350.

Minutes later, he was arrested near the Henry Hudson Parkway and arrested. He handed the police a fake California license with an address in Beverly Hills and on behalf of James Clement.

When he was taken to barracks 19, a detective noticed that a designer watch wearing Sabatino had disappeared from his wrist.

“He was not wearing a watch,” he insisted during the interrogation. The policeman looked for the clock and saw it in the bathroom of the precinct.

“Oh, it’s that thing,” Sabatino replied when the detectives confronted him in the interrogation.

“Yes, I guess I wear it loose. I have it very loose on my wrist. I guess it must have fallen into the toilet,” said the jealous thief.

For more than two hours, the defendant insisted that his name was James Clement and that he did not even know how to spell Sabbath.

After the police contacted his lawyer, he confessed he told investigators “are you talking on the phone with my lawyer? When they said yes, he admitted that his real name is Samuel Sabatino.

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