Police arrest six members of a gang of assailants

SANTO DOMINGO. A phone stolen from one of its victims, who was also robbed of several items valued at almost one million pesos, allowed the location and dismantling of a gang of assailants, police said.

The detainees are Erick David Castro, 22; Esmerlin Elías Reyes Familia, 20; Erick Paulino Bonifacio, 24; Víctor Junior Rodríguez Echavalier, 26; the young Emmy Suriel, 18, and a 16-year-old teenager, whose name is omitted for legal reasons.

Through a statement, the police reported that the defendants were presented last Monday at the residence of a person in the La Ciénaga sector of Santo Domingo West on board a jeep Hyundai Santa Fe, which were dismantled carrying two revolvers and a gun, stripping it of a clock, RD $ 6,000.00 in cash and a cell phone.

While a companion was robbed a clock, RD $ 35,000.00, several credit cards, three chains, a hat and two cell phones. While another friend was stripped of a watch a pair of tennis, RD $ 14,000.00, the keys to his house and a cell phone.

The six involved in the band of assailants, including the minor, were placed under the control of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and they will be known coercion measures in the coming hours.


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