Police officers who massacred Dominican while on fire will not go to jail despite pleading guilty

NEW YORK. – Four police officers who massacred the Dominican Miguel Feliz Rodríguez, while on fire after his car was hit by a driver chased by agents in Jersey City (New Jersey), will not go to jail, despite pleading guilty to multiple charges serious, including attempted murder.

But according to the state laws of New Jersey, officers who kicked and dragged Feliz as a garbage bag, after the Dominican managed to get out of his burning car, and turned into a human torch, miraculously saving himself from dying burned, no they may return to work in any public employment in the state.

Feliz was brutally beaten by the officers after he was allegedly confused with the subject they were pursuing, although the second is African American, and the policemen already had their photo and physical description.

The incident that attracted worldwide media attention occurred in 2017, after a police chase ended in a violent clash in Jersey City.

In an agreement signed Tuesday, Lieutenant Keith Ludwig, Dr. Khan, Officer Eric Kosinski and Officer Francisco Rodríguez, resigned from their jobs as police officers and will be banned from public employment forever, according to the office’s press release from the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office.

Khan pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in third grade and will get probation. The other three pleaded guilty to a single charge of endangering another person and will go through a pretrial intervention.

Khan and Kosinski were originally charged with attempted murder.

On June 4, 2017, Feliz, an innocent Dominican who did not drive the car chased by the authorities, was confused with the fugitive Leo Pinkston, a 48-year-old resident in Jersey City who was already accused of evading the police.

In the accident that Happy night, he was set on fire, with burns on more than 70% of his body, after his car crashed into Pinkston’s and caught fire.

When the four officers of the Jersey City Police Department arrived at the scene, Feliz, he cried out for help, but instead of helping him he was kicked and dragged to the patrol car.

The incident, was recorded by a passerby who was close to the area and in a few hours, became viral both in networks and in platforms and media.

Feliz, a 28-year-old resident of West New York, suffered severe burns to his face, back and both arms, and had to undergo surgery that lasted more than six hours.

The FBI and the New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office joined the investigation of the case, along with the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office of Internal Affairs and the New Jersey District Attorney General’s Office.

On February 5, 2018, Pinkston pleaded guilty to evading the authorities and aggravated aggression. He was sentenced to five years in jail for the first crime and 18 months for the second crime, a sentence he is serving in a state prison in New Jersey.

“The victim, Miguel Feliz Rodríguez, was consulted on all aspects of the declaration agreement and agrees with the resolution,” the prosecutor’s statement said.

Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suárez said that “this agreement is substantive to the extent that it establishes responsibility for the actions of police officers, while taking into account the victim’s contribution,” he added that the deal “is the most just and equitable resolution in a difficult case”.

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