Police reveal new details of the attack in the David Ortiz case

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – On the 21st of the case David Ortiz left new details that until now were unknown to the national and international press.

In a press conference held yesterday at the National Police Palace, part of the interrogations made by authorities to both Víctor Hugo Gómez and Junior César La Hoz Vargas were released.

Author of the fact

Although the National Police maintains the version that Víctor Hugo Gómez is the intellectual author of the attack against Sixto David Fernández where the former Major League Baseball player, David Ortiz, was wounded, a new detail came to light at the press conference held on Sunday at the headquarters of the National Police.

According to the spokesman of the National Police, Frank Félix Durán Mejía, during the interrogation Víctor Hugo Gómez indicated that Junior César La Hoz Vargas took the initiative to orchestrate the murder of Sixto David Fernández due to a comment he had made.

“During the interrogation he told us that when he arrived in the country he had expressed that he did not want to let Sixto David see because he would have given it to him on another occasion and did not want it to happen again, and that from that comment La Hoz took the initiative to give Sixto David down “, explained Durán Mejía. Despite this, Durán Mejía added that during the same interrogations Alberto Rodríguez Mota revealed that the person who paid him was Víctor Hugo Gómez and not Junior La Hoz.

“You draw your own conclusions,” said the police spokesman after giving that explanation.

Last Friday a video of Gómez Vásquez was broadcast before being stopped by the National Police in the residential Carmen Renata III, in Pantoja, Santo Domingo West, for “if something happened to him”, where he assures that he is innocent and that he would never dare to attempt against the life of Sixto David Fernández, whom he identifies as his relative, and less with that of expelotero David Ortiz.


The spokesman of the Police confirmed in the press conference that will be investigating all the possible edges that the case leaves, which includes a possible connection of Sixto David Fernández with the world of drug trafficking mainly with the aforementioned Cesar “El Abusador” .

Preventive prison

The Court of Permanent Attention of the Santo Domingo province issued a year of preventive detention to the three new ones involved in the attack in which David Ortiz was injured.

Víctor Hugo Gómez Vásquez, who is designated as the intellectual author, was sent to the Najayo Men’s Prison; while Alberto Rodríguez Mota, the person who was in the bar alerting the other assassins, and Junior Julio César La Hoz Vargas will serve the preventive prison in the Prison of Monte Plata.

Obelio Familia, lawyer of the Hoz Vargas, cataloged the measure as “extreme”, after alleging that his client voluntarily surrendered.


New amount

The public prosecutor maintains that La Hoz Vargas, Gómez Vásquez and Rodríguez Mota met in the avenue San Vicente de Paul, where Gómez Vásquez made the proposal and communicated it to Carlos Rafael Álvarez, “Carlos Nike”, who was detained in jail 15 of Azua. This would have accepted putting the price of 30 thousand dollars to commit the act.

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