Possible pressure Odebrecht would cause a new crisis in the energy system

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – Today 24 Monday marks the month that the Brazilian company Odebrecht keeps the Punta Catalina Thermoelectric Power Plant out of the National Interconnected Electrical System (SENI), despite the fact that it was said that the strike would be for 12 days, due to adjustments and to be in trial period.

This situation can generate a new crisis in the energy service received by the population that itself is receiving blackouts even in the circuits of 24 hours of light, since Punta Catalina generates coal cheaper fuel, which adds little contribution made by hydroelectric plants due to drought. Although there is a supposed problem that is added and that exists: the possibility that the Odebrecht-Tecnimont-Estrella Consortium is letting the time lapse to light coal unit 1, as a way to pressure the Government to eliminate the clause that penalizes with the payment of US $ 220,000 for each day of non-compliance in the delivery of the generators ready and in operation, as they were committed in the “turnkey” contract, which also created a contingency fund for US $ 336 million to guarantee the flow of resources for construction.

Recently the general manager of Punta Catalina, the economist Aristy Escuder, together with other authorities of the electricity sector announced that an agreement had been reached with the Odebrecht

-Tecnimont-Estrella Consortium that is building the coal generators that will contribute 720 megawatts to the system as a whole, through which a Contingent Fund of US $ 336 million was created that would be delivered by the State in two installments, in accordance with the fulfillment of the delivery schedule.

Odebrecht has filed for bankruptcy in Brazil and although it has said that it does not affect business in other countries, the consortium of which it is part with Tecnimont-Estrella is claiming an additional US $ 708 million for undetermined costs and arrears. caused that that conflict is resolved in international arbitration.

The interruptions
Currently, there is “demand management” (blackouts) even in 24-hour circuits. Some 21 generators are in partial unavailability. Recently, Itabo 1 and 2 were affected by sargassum.

The distributors are not demanding enough energy, since the data registered in Edenorte is a maximum of 37.3%, in Edesur 33.3% and Edeeste does not exceed 30%.


This Saturday
According to the SENI OC data, the distributor Edenorte had improved its coordinated generation deficit after midday, as did Edesur, but Edeeste increased it.

On Friday the 21st, the demand management of Edenorte was 27.6, in Edesur 29.3 and in Edeeste 26.8%, which means that Edesur gave more blackouts.

No events
This occurs without registering a major event or transmission or distribution.

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