President Medina Medina delivers first phase of La Nueva Victoria prison

Santo Domingo, DR. – President Danilo Medina delivered on Monday the first phase of the La Nueva Victoria Correction and Rehabilitation Center (CCR), a work that will positively change the lives of 8,788 deprived of liberty, leaving behind the overcrowding and overcrowding that for more than 67 years were the main problems of the old prison.

This prison city made up of 87 buildings built in the Community of Las Parras, as part of the first phase.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Jean Alain Rodríguez, reported that the construction of the same was carried out with resources obtained from the sentence imposed on Constructora Odebrecht, consisting of a compensation of US $ 184 million for eight years in the amount of US $ 30 million, I delivered the first fraction in July 2017.

He also pointed out that the buildings that are within the humanization plan of the prison system will also have various areas that will allow individualized treatment to be given to each inmate from their entry to the compound until the end of their stay in place.

The structures divided into four modules, qualified as modern and fair, which is designed under the minimum rules of the United Nations for the treatment of inmates, also called Nelson Mandela rules.

The inmates of the new compound will not be in danger of the floods that have affected the original compound for years, endangering the lives of the inmates each time, in the rainy season or a storm is approaching.

New Victoria Spaces

Each one will have a cell for accommodation, spouses, observation, reflection and maximum security, as well as a building for a dining room, gym, commissary and a hospital that will provide services in different specialties.

The enclosure will have cells for inmates with motor disabilities, it will be housed in one of the private cells adapted to this type of needs.

They will also apply special treatment programs to treat the disease of prisoners who arrive as drug problems and will have professionals specialized in addictions with psychological support and therapies.

The Nueva Victoria campus will have a space for basic, higher and technical education that prepares them to re-enter society.

Data logs

In Nueva Victoria, biometric data will be captured through a modern system, which will allow each person deprived of liberty to be accurately identified and their exact location within the enclosure.

That identified inmate will then go to special cells, where he will remain for a time under observation.

During this period, a prison staff will assist the prisoner in his transition to prison and will receive an induction, orientation and precise instructions on the rules of the prison.

After its evaluation and adaptation, the most appropriate treatment will be decided to achieve its rehabilitation.

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