Procurator announces they will create a specialized attention center for tourists

La Altagracia. – The Attorney General of the Republic, Jean Rodríguez, announced in this province the installation of a specialized center for tourists, where he said that a specialized multidisciplinary staff will be offering all the services required by the Public Ministry. The meeting was held at the request of the Attorney General of the Republic to hear the main needs of tourists in the services provided by the Public Ministry and to reduce crime in the main tourist poles.

“We are making the coordination of place to guarantee a service with the highest quality standards also to tourists who visit us and have a specialized staff to meet their needs and offer them on time the support, assistance and protection they require in each case of the Public Ministry, “he said, heading a meeting with the main authorities and tourism entrepreneurs of the eastern region of the country.

During the meeting, where topics of great interest on the tourism sector were addressed and multisectorial tasks were established, Judge Jean Rodríguez announced that they will be taking various measures to further reduce crime and for tourists who come to the new center they will create. received and taken care of by a highly qualified personnel, with good handling of English and other languages, and of the main crimes that could face like robberies, assaults and extortion.

The highest representative of the Public Ministry stated when considering this need during the meeting, “This action is part of the work we will do together, joining efforts and resources to improve public safety throughout the country and reduce crime and crime” .

He explained that they are looking for both Dominican citizens and tourists visiting the Dominican Republic to feel increasingly secure and to receive the support required at each moment from the authorities, noting that this has made improvements in the different agencies of the Dominican Republic. institution operating throughout the country, with more specialized personnel, with better technological resources, transportation, and logistical support for a better performance of their role in society.

He stressed that with the creation of the center for tourists that would be located in the Bávaro area, they seek to continue strengthening and optimizing all the services offered to the Dominican people, as well as foreign tourists who visit the country, where they have always been warmly welcomed. , respect and hospitality. The space would include prosecutors, lawyers and administrative staff who manage the necessary languages and training in the topics required by our tourists with friendly spaces and so that embassies and consulates can meet with victim or accused tourists, all focused on the concept that the tourist comes on vacation and because of the nature of the trip and must return, his issues must be addressed with special speed to ensure due process, preparing documentation and file that can be used even in his absence against criminals before a criminal act .

“It is at this time that the greatest efforts are being made in the Dominican Republic to ensure that our institutions fully comply with their role in the face of society’s demands, all through the implementation of a plan aimed at strengthening and advancing the institution. “, Highlighted the Attorney General of the Republic.

At the meeting, held in a hotel in the tourist area of Punta Cana, representatives of the Public Ministry of La Altagracia, La Romana and San Pedro de Macoris, Interior and Police, Tourism, National Police, the National Drug Control Directorate participated. (DNCD), of the Ministry of Tourism and of the Specialized Body of Tourist Security (CESTUR), as well as of the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic (ASONAHORES), of the Association of Hoteliers of the East, of the Punta Cana Group and of Casa de Campo La Romana, among others.

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