Prosecutor conducts surprise search in the 15 Azua jail

Azua, Dominican Republic.- The Attorney General of the Republic, Jean Rodriguez, led a surprise raid on Friday at the public jail of Kilometer 15 in Azua, with the aim of seizing cell phones, weapons and drugs held by inmates who are imprisoned in this penitentiary.

The head of the Public Ministry said that as part of the new measures taken to better control that prison, he ordered the replacement of the governor Luis Alfredo Pujols Soriano by Wilkis Perdomo, a lawyer with a master’s degree in security, with high academic standards, who attends its final phase is a specialization in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law, in the Higher Institute for Defense (INSUDE), of the Ministry of Defense.

Regarding the findings in the prison, he explained that a total of 90 cell phones, seven internet routers and a verifion were seized, 36 portions of a white powder that is presumed to be cocaine and 4 portions of a green vegetable that is believed to correspond to marijuana, as well as around 60 knives, 18 clubs and pooches, 48 ​​chips for cell phones, and six bottles of an unknown chemical, organophosphorus in nature (common insecticides).

The information was offered in a press release through which the Attorney General of the Republic recalled that from that prison was that the order was received from the United States and coordinated the execution of the attack against Sixto David Fernández in a fun center of Santo Domingo East, on June 9, where, due to confusion, the expelotero David Ortiz

and the communicator Jhoel López were injured.

When referring to the work carried out in the prison, where the objects prohibited by law were confiscated, the prosecutor Jean Rodriguez said “We personally coordinate this requisition in order to seize all cell phones, weapons or drugs that could be found in this compound, which, as you all know, has a high level of historical overcrowding. It is for this reason that we have launched the National Plan for the Humanization of the Penitentiary System to avoid cases such as the one that recently occurred where David Ortiz and Jhoel López were injured. ”

He added “The Humanization Plan that we are carrying out seeks to guarantee and raise the levels of security, both of the inmates and of the citizens, since as we could be witnesses, from this prison it was that the order was received from the United States to materialize said attack “.

“These regrettable situations in a very short time will be things of the past, since we are working to have a single system, fully attached to the laws, guarantor of human rights, with decent spaces and comprehensive care with adequate food, health services and programs.” education that guarantees a change of mentality in our inmates and that achieves total rehabilitation, so that they can positively reinsert themselves into society and, thus, contribute to a safer nation and that these types of events do not continue to be committed ” he said.

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