Pujols and Trout: a relationship of great respect

Albert Pujols and Mike Trout

Albert Pujols sees him go to the dressing room after finishing the practices and immediately puts his label. “The best in the business, that’s the best in the business,” said the Dominican, who also proclaimed it in English.

The protagonist is Mike Trout, considered in many circles as the number one player in the Major Leagues and who is proud to be a teammate of the criollo with the Los Angeles Angels.

“It’s very important what Albert has done on the field and off the field he’s still a much better person and that’s what I admire and enjoy as his teammate and friend,” Trout told elCaribe recently during a training session of the squad at The Diablo Stadium in the city of Tempe, Arizona.

“He helps a lot in the Dominican Republic, that’s his country and it’s something that we should not overlook and I think we’re lucky to have him in the clubhouse,” added the patrolman, who is in the final stages of a contractual extension 12 years and 430 million dollars with your organization.

Between them there is a lot of camaraderie, they joke a lot and they could also be seen exchanging opinions in batting practice. “Trout is a chercha. He’s like my little brother, “was the first thing Pujols said about the two-time MVP winner of the American League.

“He’s the best player right now. For me it’s a pleasure, I thank God for being on the same team and after I retire, in 10 or 20 years, to be able to tell my grandchildren that I played with Mike Trout, “he continued explaining the first baseman and designated who three times won the Most Valuable Player award in the National League.

There is a detail of Trout that calls attention to Pujols, one of the most respected players in the game due to his work ethic.

“The best thing about Trout is how humble he is, that he wants to improve always, at all times and apart from that, he wants to win, that’s why he plays and that is very difficult to teach, especially when you have the success that he has had in these first seven years of his career (in the Major Leagues), “he added.

Contributions of Pujols

Trout, 27, who will soon be the owner of the richest contract for an athlete in professional sports, feels very grateful for the wise advice of Pujols when he went to the Majors. Their debut was in 2011. They are both together in the American League West Division franchise since the 2012 contest.

“It helped me a lot. In everything I needed, any question I had there was for me, “said Trout.

“There is no one better than Albert to give you advice. Albert has gone through everything, has had ups and downs, has won World Series (2006 and 2011 with San Luis), in short, has gone through everything in this game, “he added.

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