Quique Antún: Drug trafficking, impunity and crime permeate spheres of society

The president of the Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC) affirmed that drug trafficking, impunity and crime have permeated different spheres of Dominican society, which he attributed to a “weak” attitude of the authorities.

The engineer Federico Antún Batlle (Quique) explained that in the country there are people, among them politicians, who ten years ago did not have a penny “and today they show fortunes of billions of pesos”.

“You just have to read the sworn statements of some of these people and they will realize the fortune they have achieved in a short time,” he added.

He said that this is a country that unfortunately is full of criminals of all nature, “there are criminal gangs of foreigners who are worried about Dominicans, committing crimes, robberies, assaults and kidnappings.”

“In this country there is everything. We are permeated by drug trafficking, impunity and criminality by a weak attitude of the authorities, “he said.

He mentioned that there are gangs of criminals made up of Venezuelans who are assaulting the capital and towns of the interior, as well as others formed by Haitians “and also, as the authorities themselves have revealed, we have criminal gangs of Puerto Ricans”.

“This means that we are full of criminals, because this is a country where foreigners enter and leave like Pedro at home, without any control,” he said when answering questions from journalists.

The reformist leader understands that Dominican society does not resist the crime that has robbed him of the peace and tranquility that he enjoyed a few years ago, “nor the migratory lack of control we have today.”

“There is a lot of weakness in the face of crime, so much so that the authorities have lost the battle against these gangs of criminals,” he said.

In that sense, he added that citizens live insecure even in their own homes, “and you journalists, who work in the streets, are also suffering from this situation of insecurity.”

Quique Antún said that crime has increased in recent months and recalled that on February 27, after the speech of accountability of the President of the Republic, killed a police lieutenant in Villa Mella to steal the gun, a merchant from La Romana when he closed his business, a Venezuelan in Verón-Punta Cana, and there was a collective assault on numerous people in Las Praderas Park, in the capital.

“These facts demonstrate the high rate of crime and delinquency in the Dominican Republic,” said the president of the PRSC.

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