Raining criticism judge in Massachusetts for a time served sentence Dominican who was jailed 30 months for drugs

The 30-month sentence of the Dominican Juan Perez in Massachusetts has unleashed strong criticism of the judge who released him.

Massachusetts. – The federal prosecutors of Springfield and anti-immigrant activists have unleashed a barrage of criticism against Judge Mark Mastroianni for sentencing on Wednesday the Dominican Juan Pérez, who was imprisoned for 30 months, accused of leading along with his compatriot Alberto Marte a powerful band of heroin and fentanyl trafficking, whose overdose killed 18,000 addicts in recent years in that city

Marte will be sentenced this February 11, 2020.

Pérez, considered by the investigators as “the right hand” of Marte, was arrested in 2016 in raids of the DEA, state police, local and ICE agents, with thousands of envelopes of the referred drugs that had the stamps of “Donald Trump “And” Hollywood. ”

The prosecution asked the magistrate to condemn Pérez to 6 years in jail, which Mastroianni opposed, alleging that the Dominican had no criminal record in Massachusetts.

But the Public Ministry replied that Pérez has strong ties with the Dominican Republic, where he received the drugs, and also from New York.

Perez was part of a group of 19 suspects who fell into the operations of the authorities as well as Marte.

“Mr. Pérez brought lethal batches of heroin with fentanyl to the New England region and deserves a drastic sentence,” said Deputy Federal Prosecutor Neil Desroches.

He added that Perez, a Springfield resident, ran a heroin lab in a multi-family housing complex located at 152 152 Lebanon Street in that city.

The feds said that the multifamily house was poorly furnished and seemed unoccupied, but for facilities and furniture for members of the drug gang that ground and pocketed heroin for sale.

Authorities say the heroin processed by Perez, which was marketed under the labels “Hollywood” and “Donald Trump,” contributed to the overdose death of eight people in New England between late 2015 and early 2016.

The drugs were mixed with fentanyl, a powerful narcotic that, along with heroin, has become an increasingly popular and deadly elixir for addicts.

Pérez pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute heroin in July 2019.

And although he was released on bail, he spent 30 months in prison after his arrest in 2016.

Judge Mastroianni also sentenced him to six months of community services, and ruled that the recommended guidelines for sentencing were inflated and Pérez’s role in the conspiracy was exaggerated.

“Clearly, at the time the defendant was working to distribute massive amounts of heroin in western Massachusetts, he did so despite the fact that his product had a catastrophic effect on the region and the city where he lived,” he wrote. Waste tax.

“However, the defendant decided to benefit from this destruction and advance their financial interests without worrying about the many lost lives and the most ruined ones,” he added.

The case, based on months of evidence of telephone recordings, search warrants and other investigative tactics by the FBI and the DEA, has taken dozens of defendants to court.

Many of them come from the Dominican Republic, which according to federal prosecutors, is one of the most open bridges in the world to send drugs to the United States.

Perez, 32, was described by Desroches as the “right hand” of Marte, an argument that defense lawyer Vincent Bongiorni disputed, saying that his defendant was cornered by Marte when the house where the drug laboratory was, began to do business in 2015. “Before Mr. Marte brought him to this organization, he was doing well, he was employed, he was holding a job, it was not a problem for the law,” said the judge, noting that Marte allegedly recruited to several of his family members as part of his conspiracy support staff.

The magistrate was recently criticized by Holyoke police chief Manuel Febo after the judge sentenced on November 15 to Jean Carlos Rivera, 30, to 35 days in prison and three years probation for selling cocaine in crack.

Since then, Rivera has been charged with the murder on January 9 of the 21-year-old Holyoke resident, Jesús Otero Marrero. Febo labeled Rivera as an active member of the La Familia street gang.

The police chief issued a statement on January 14 of this year, saying that Otero Marrero’s death could have been avoided if the judge had sentenced Rivera including federal sentencing guidelines.

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