Ramfis Domínguez Trujillo renounce to the PDI and launches independent candidature

The presidential hopeful, Ramfis Domínguez Trujillo, announced in a national press conference that, in order to safeguard transparency, integrity and keep the project untainted, “we have taken the firm decision to renounce the Partido Demócrata Institucional (PDI).”

In this sense, he explained that due to ideological differences, synergy has not been achieved, “because it is a traditional party, which has the precepts that clash with this new political generation.”

He also said: “simply used this as a commercial tool, faced with this dilemma I can not allow the project of the nation, the project of the people, the project of the country ends up in the hands of a traditional party. A party that is more of the same and that even worse, runs the risk of being in the hands of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) or the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD). ”

“I see myself in the obligation to resign immediately, to take away any possibility that that party can fulfill any task that we can foist product of their actions in recent years,” he revealed.

“But thanks to God that with the promulgation of Law 15-19 the opportunity that we were all waiting for was born, the opportunity to lead a project that will fly patriotic principles and justly made to measure, to empower citizens, outside of cheap politicking, with a candidacy of the people, an independent candidacy, “he said.

It is recalled that the Organic Law of Electoral Regime No. 15-19 regulates independent candidacies of a national, provincial or municipal nature that arise through political groupings in each election, and must declare it to the Central Electoral Board (JCE) at least seventy-five days before each election.

Hence, he proclaimed: “From today I launch my independent candidacy, to maintain its integrity, its neatness (of the candidacy). To keep their principles and values ​​intact, in the hands of the best guardian that is the Dominican people. ”

He also indicated that he will continue working to continue growing, “because we have a large register, we have structures in all the provinces that do not belong to the PDI, but have been directly managed with the campaign.”

Similarly, Dominguez Trujillo said he will seek candidates for senators, deputies, regidurías and mayors may also apply independently. “I want to make it unequivocally clear that we leave the doors open to any political party that intends to support this candidacy, but we will work independently to not put this project at risk.”

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