Ramfis Trujillo gave a Mercedes and sheltered Zsa Zsa Gabor in gratitude for looking for women in Hollywood

Ramfis Trujillo gave a Mercedes and sheltered Zsa Zsa Gabor in gratitude for looking for women in Hollywood according to a new biography

NEW YORK. – The bloodthirsty son of the dictator, Ramfis Trujillo Martínez, uncle of an aspiring president in 2020, gave him in 1957 a convertible Mercedes Benz car, a fur coat and other gifts worth thousands of dollars to the Hungarian diva of Hollywood cinema Zsa Zsa Gabor, who was bisexual, for helping him get women from the Mecca of Cinema and the Jet Set, among which were some actresses, according to a new biography entitled “Finding Zsa Zsa: The Gabors Behind the Legend” published last week by research biographer Sam Staggs and supported by Kensington Books.

In the book, the author reports that Ramfis met the Hungarian diva, through the playboy Trujillista Porfirio Rubirosa, who was married to her.

For the gifts and in the middle of a world day of complaints against the Trujillo dictatorship, the United States Congress issued resolutions but did not take measures to punish the actress for having received them.

Ramfis had an affair with the adventure actress with actress Kim Novak, who broke her marriage, when his wife asked for a divorce.

Wanting to compete with Rubirosa, he became famous for buying luxury cars, mink coats and jewels for beautiful girls during their stay in the United States, says the biography.

Ramfis’ striking gifts were national news and the congressmen who criticized them openly questioned by the press the real use that was being given to foreign aid given to the Dominican Republic.

At one point, a sticker began to appear on the cars of dozens of women in Los Angeles that said: “THIS CAR WAS NOT A GIFT OF RAMFIS TRUJILLO”.

Ramfis Trujillo Martínez, who was born on June 5, 1929 and died after a brutal accident at his Ferrari on December 27, 1969 in Spain, briefly held the presidency of the republic, following the execution of his father in 1961. Nominally a Army general, lived the life of a reckless and spoiled playboy as his friend and brother-in-law Porfirio Rubirosa.

Remembered for his cruelty, Ramfis went into exile in Spain, where he continued his life of luxuries, splendor and feasts, at the cost of money stolen from the Dominican people.

With the help of Johnny Abbes García, head of the Military Intelligence Service (SIM), he brutally repressed any element believed to be related to his father’s death, killing many of the suspects.

Shortly after, he and puppet president Joaquin Balaguer took some steps to open the regime.

Ramfis relieved the severe censorship of the press that his father maintained and also granted some civil liberties.

But while these measures were rejected as insufficient by a people who only remembered the Trujillo era and the decades of poverty and instability that had preceded it, such as the bankruptcy of the country between 1902 and 1905, the civil war of 1911, the deadlock 1914 politician and the threat of invasion of the United States, whose troops occupied the middle island from 1916 to 1924.

The reforms were even rejected by the uncompromising gathered around Ramfis’ uncles.

Internal and external pressures forced him into exile at the end of 1961, when he fled back to France, along with all the surviving Trujillo, on the famous yacht Angelita, mother of the current presidential candidate in 2020, who still sails today as the Sea Cloud cruise, with his father’s coffin, which was supposedly lined with $ 4 million in cash, jewelry and important documents.

In 1962, he settled in Spain where he was protected by the other bloodthirsty dictator Generalissimo Francisco Franco.

One of his hobbies in Spain was to fly airplanes, which was also one of Rubirosa’s hobbies.

He died on December 27, 1969, of pneumonia, in a hospital in Spain after being seriously injured in a car accident, a destination similar to Rubirosa, days before on the outskirts of Madrid.

He was initially buried in the Almudena cemetery in Madrid, but his remains were subsequently transferred to the cemetery of El Pardo to accompany his father’s remains, which have never been shown, so most believe he could never be buried, Due to the assertion that the executors threw their bodies into the sea in Santo Domingo, after executing it.

On the day of the accident, Ramfis was driving a Ferrari 330GT Sports Car (s / n 9151), a blue 2-door color purchased in 1966. The car was not restored in Spain since 1969 and was put up for sale in early 2013 for £ 50,000 Euros

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