Ratify life imprisonment on appeal Dominican who killed his ex-wife in New Jersey

NEW YORK The State Court of Appeals in New Jersey ratified the sentence of life imprisonment on Tuesday to 43-year-old Fernando Chireno, who, in 2008, murdered his 26-year-old wife, Luisa Chireno, of 15 hacks. to buy the gun at a store in the Home Depot chain.

Chireno, who resided in Passaic (New Jersey), loses the second appeal, after which in 2014, his lawyers failed with the same motion, when another panel of judges also ratified the sentence.

Chireno killed his ex-wife in April 2008, after dragging her out of the house. A neighbor witnessed the crime and stated that he saw Chireno repeatedly hit The couple’s three children were inside the house, one of them was a newborn sleeping, but the police found their daughters, 5 and 7 years old, hiding underneath of a blanket.

Chireno, was arrested at the scene of the crime after being left by a taxi driver.

The appeals court described that moment as the strangest part of the case: because Luisa’s brother took the taxi to the murder house and on the way he showed the driver a picture of Fernando and told him that he was sure that he was the murderer, and if he saw it, he was going to call the police.

A short time later, the taxi driver saw Chireno in a corner a few blocks away and the killer called the taxi to take him to the other side of the city.

The driver returned to the scene, got out of the taxi and called the police.

When the police handcuffed Chireno, according to the decision of the appeal, a small crowd, including members of the victim’s family, pounced on the killer with the intention of lynching him.

The officer who arrested him later testified that Chireno immediately admitted that he had killed his wife and told him in Spanish that my wife’s family is going to kill me.

Chireno testified at his trial that he suffered a mental illness and heard voices, and a psychiatrist who testified in his favor agreed, and concluded that he was doing what God told him and did not realize it was wrong.

The prosecuting psychiatrist accepted that Chireno had a mental psychological disorder, but he did not believe that his symptoms were acute or schizophrenic, and said that Chireno was faking the symptoms, had a deliberate plan and killed his wife out of jealousy.

Luisa Chireno was frequently a victim of domestic violence. Other testimony at the trial included his sister, who stated that Fernando was outraged by his wife’s refusal to dismiss the restraining order he had obtained against him, and he had threatened his life in the days leading up to his death.

The jury also saw a video that Luisa recorded months before the death of her husband, threatening to kill her while holding a large knife.

In the recording, Luisa can be heard saying that she was recording her threats for her family to turn them over to the police after her husband killed her, the appeals court said.

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