Reinaldo Pared Perez will meet with Leonel Fernandez and then with Danilo Medina

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – In order to reach an agreement in the Dominican Liberation Party, the secretary general of the organization, Reinaldo Pared Pérez, will meet Thursday with the president of that party, Leonel Fernández, and later with President Danilo Medina.

Reinaldo Pared Pérez, himself who said that the meetings are scheduled for today’s afternoon.

The meetings will be held in the midst of the incidents that have occurred since last Monday in the outskirts of the National Congress

, against a possible constitutional reform, with a view to a repostulation of President Medina.

The Center of Heroes yesterday became the scene of a gigantic demonstration where thousands of citizens of various civi society groups, mobilized in rejection of these preparations.

On the morning of this Thursday, the presence of agents was diminished in the vicinity of the Congress.


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